Welcome to the Ocean Kite School Tarifa


Kitesurfing in Spain, in a place of steady wind.

In Tarifa, southern Spain, you will find the perfect conditions to learn how to kite or to improve your skills.


In Tarifa you are spoiled for choice...

The number of kite schools is huge...


Why Ocean Kite School?


  • Teaching is our passion and our goal is to provide a fun and amazing kitesurfing experience for you.
  • Our school is a small and individual school, and our aim is to meet your wishes and teach according to your personal skill level.
  • It is of high importance for us to offer you a personal and relaxed atmosphere in which you can master kitesurfing.



  • For years we, one of the OFFICIAL KITESCHOOLS in Tarifa,

have been teaching with passion

and we offer kitecourses in five different languages

and many other activities.


" Passion is our way and kitesurfing is our soul ".


Not every good kitesurfer is also a good kite instructor.

  • While teaching we will customize your lesson in kitesurfing based on YOU and your previous athletic experiences to make learning as easy as possible for you.



Of course, it can happen that even in the European capital of kitesurfing, that there isn't enough wind for schooling.

  • In this event, we offer a money back guarantee for your booked course. We also offer alternative sports for you to choose from. So called "no wind activities", like surfing, SUP, wakeboarding, mountain biking etc.