Kitecourses for children in Tarifa

Your child wants to learn to kitesurf....

It's important for you to know that your child is in good hands while learning and advancing in the sport.


Ocean Kids - philosophy


It is of utmost importance to us that during the entire schooling with kids, that they learn with a lot of fun, in small steps, as well with a lot of time, calm and SAFETY.


The course we have designed for children differs greatly from the course for adults. We want your child's learning experience to be fun so that they can finish with a good feeling, without physical and spiritual tiredness their kite day.

For this, we recommend to book for a maximum of two hours per day.


Our beginner course for kids

Ocean - seahorses - kite course


4 days , 2 hours per day


1. Day

  •     playful learning from theory and equipment
  •     get to know wind and weather basics



2. Day

  • flight exercises on the beach
  • body position and control


3. Day

  • more advanced flight exercises
  • first water contact (Bodydrag)


4. Day

  • improving technique of bodydrag
  • ( first try with the kite board )


240 €