Wind and Weather in Tarifa

 Tarifa is famous as a paradise of wind and is referred to as the Wind Capital of Europe.

Throughout the year, Tarifa is a place with plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures.

In the winter, temperatures can be as high as 20°C degrees (68°F)

and in the summer temperatures from 22°C to 35°C degrees (72°F-95°C).



Gibraltar acts as a funnel between Africa and Europe, so that a so-called   "Venturi-Effect" originates.


Levante - eastwind (offshore)

This wind is a very warm wind, that can suddenly increase or decrease drastically. With this wind, the water of the Atlantic is flat and smooth, and it is the perfect wind to teach kitesurfing. Despite the offshore direction, you´re backed up during our training by radio and safety boats.

The Levante and blows through Tarifa for 40% of the year, and the Poniente for the other 40%.

 Poniente - West wind (onshore)

This is a wind that blows cool and moist from the Atlantic and brings small waves onto the coast. In the morning it is usually still quite weak, but starting at noon it wakes up and brings little waves to the beach. The constant Westwind offers year-round ideal training.

North wind

The fresh north wind  forms lagoons with flat water and blows off-sideshore. This is perfect for the freestylers among us.



Current wind in the wind paradise...

South wind

In the morning, it blows very strong and brings high waves to the beach. It can be very strong, cold, and wet. The waves from the Atlantic flood the beach and creates lagoons. These are forming a great flat water spot for kiters.