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It would be a pleasure to see your feedback in our guestbook.

Rico & Yasmin

Last month we had kitelessons during our holiday in Tarifa. It is quite difficult to choose which kiteschool you should go for because of the many options. Thankfully we got in touch with ocean kite school via a friend and they did an amazing job at teaching us.


All the teachers are very nice and open and will make you feel welcome. Joeri was our (dutch) teacher and he really matched our needs. Yasmin was a bit nervous in the beginning, and well, it is an extrem sports, but Joeri really took the time to get her to feel confident alone in the water.


Ocean Kite School really takes their time to teach you the fundamentals right so you won't have trouble later. Then give you great safety instructions so you can really become an independent kiter. The atmosphere is great and I would recommend this school to ANYONE who needs lessons in Tarifa. It doesn't matter if you are advanced or beginner, but especially if you are a beginner this is the right school to go with!


Thank you guys for the great time on the beach/water. Until next time!

Cindy & Alan

Excellentes expériences de kite au carrefour des civilisations à Tarifa!


Cindy et moi avons débuté le kite avec Jelloul en 2020 et sommes revenus cette année.


Il y a cet état d'esprit de sagesse et de sérénité du kitesurf que Jelloul sait transmettre à la perfection et dans la bonne humeur qui le caractérise.


Fort de ses 20 ans d'expérience, il est définitivement le boss du kite à Tarifa et un fin pédagogue qui sait transmettre sa passion.


Jelloul a clairement le truc pour vous prodiguer les bons conseils personnalisés et les déclics techniques dont vous avez besoin pour progresser en toute sécurité.


Cours dans toutes les langues et bonne ambiance garantie avec toute l'équipe d'Ocean kite school Tarifa.

Possibilité de loger sur place, les installations ont été joliment rénovées cette année.


Bref toute les conditions sont réunies pour vivre un séjour inoubliable, vous reviendrez, c'est sûr!


Alors à bientôt

Elizabete Brauna


Last October we stayed in the Casa de Oceano guesthouse and had an amazing time. We had been to the same place last year but the new owners renovated it and it looks absolutely beautiful. Everything is super clean and it has a very cosy vibe. The hosts are very kind people who work hard to make your stay at the guesthouse as pleasant as possible. The location is nice as well because of its proximity to the bars and restaurants while still only being a 2 minute walk away from the beach. Next time we’re in Tarifa we will definitely stay at Casa de Oceano again!


Kite school

Ocean Kite School is an awesome school with excellent instructors. They really make sure that you learn a lot in a short period of time. The kitesurfing conditions can be different with the changing winds but with Ocean Kite School I always felt safe and prepared for the conditions of that day. What I also recommend is their Ocean Kite clothing. They have super comfortable sweaters and shirts to wear after having finished your kite session!


Kathi and Jelloul are great kite-surfers, fantastic teachers and just altogether fun people to be around!


I was taught by Kathi but also spent a lot of time around Jelloul. Kathi is a born teacher but from her technique it is evident that she has spent a lot of time and effort perfecting her craft.


She is thoughtful, when you don't understand something, she can adapt her manner of explain to better suit your frame of reference and personality.


She is patient and will always take the time to go make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing before taking the next step in your training.


She is challenging, if you're having an off day or if she sees you are slacking and somewhat stagnating at a certain level, she'll be sure to motivate you and challenge you to push through.


She is an interesting, caring and wonderful person who is fun to be around and very easygoing. This last thing is something you may forget or overlook when looking for a good teacher but it is crucial nonetheless. You are - after all - spending quite a bit of your well earned holiday-time with your instructor so it is crucial you get along well. What's more, if you do get along well, you'll want to come back to this same instructor and this person will already know you, your level, your strengths and your working points; which is apt to impove and accelerate your climbing of the - somewhat steep and daunting - learning curve of kitesurfing.


These values and this work-ethic is passed along by Kathi and Jelloul to all their other instructors, and it shows very clearly that they are careful in selecting who they work with.


Kathi, Jelloul, thanks so much for teaching me the wonder that is kitesurfing... and for the great times we've had!

Patries Elisabeth

Ocean Kite School ist wirklich zu empfehlen. Letzten November und Dezember haben mein Freund und ich einen Anfängerkurs bei Kathi und Joeri begonnen. Zuerst gemeinsam und nach einigen Stunden sind wir übergewechselt in Einzeltrainings. Der Unterricht wurde bei uns je nach Person in verschiedenen Sprachen (Deutsch, Englisch und Niederländisch) abgehalten; was by the way echt toll war :)

Da ich selbst noch gar keine Vorerfahrung mit Wassersport hatte, waren die ersten Stunden für mich eine der schwersten Vorhaben in meinem Leben. Beide (Kathi und Joeri) waren wirklich äußerst geduldig, einfühlsam und ausführlich in ihren Erklärungen und vor allem aufmerksam und sorgfältig während den von uns auszuführenden Übungen.


Nicht nur dass Sicherheit von der Schule sehr groß geschrieben wird, ich fühlte mich auch wirklich sicher und gut aufgehoben bei beiden Lehrern.

Beide haben selbst viel Erfahrung die sie vorzeigen können und haben diese auch wirklich vermitteln und lehren können, auf dass wir Neulinge auch einen sicheren Umgang mit dem Kite erlernen.

Das Kitematerial war in absolut top Qualität und man lernt gleich von Beginn an einen sehr guten Umgang mit dem Material.

Dieser Umgang sowie auch die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Sicherheit beginnt schon vor dem eigentlichen Kitegang und endet erst nach dem Abbau.


Wir haben nicht nur gelernt und geübt sondern vor allem auch Spaß gehabt und genossen UND absolut liebe Menschen kennen gelernt. Vielen lieben Dank für die tolle Zeit mit euch!


Very recommended

I went several times to Tarifa and always took lessons with Kathi and Jelloul.

They are patient and teach you exactly what you need at your level of Experience.

For sure i will come more frequently in future:)