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Ocean Kite School est sans doute la meilleure école à Tarifa. Kathi et Jelloul (Jallal pour moi) forme une équipe sérieuse et compétente qui prennent soins du matériel et des élèves et font tout pour que les élèves soient en sécurité et apprennent à naviguer rapidement

J'ai fait 2 autres écoles auparavant qui ont une méthode classique d'apprentissage. Avec Jelloul, c'est une autre méthode où l’on apprend des astuces (dissociation entre les lignes avant et les lignes arrières, incliner sa tête vers la gauche ou la droite et tout le poids du corps va suivre ..) Jelloul est tout simplement le boss du Kite à Tarifa, cela fait 19 ans qu'il est à Tarifa et c'est un passionné du Kite et qui partage cette passion avec ses élèves

J’ai fait déjà 2 stages avec Jelloul, un stage de 5 jours avec mon fils cet été (mon fils a commencé à naviguer même en upwind dès la 4ème journée, et moi j’avaiscommencé à naviguer un peu)

Je suis retourné au mois de septembre 3 jours avec un copain, et là, je me sens tout à fait à l’aise et confiant à naviguer grâce à Jelloul

Je vous recommande donc vivement Ocean Kite School


Together with a friend I took kite lessons with Katy. She is a great teacher! Very decent and reliable, and so involved and enthousiastic. Even though conditions were quiet tough some days, she managed to get us out safely! And she was generous in hours and prices. No paying beforehand, so nothing to worry about when the conditions make it impossible to kite. We are very happy!


Highly recommended!


We are a family with 4 children (13-12-10-9 years) and were in Tarifa in mid-April 7 days. The good reviews on Google were crucial. Everyone should try the kiting and 5 of us started at zero. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the matter until the end. Tarifa is not the classic area for beginners, but for us it was a great time and on the fourth day the experience of success was great as all but the smallest were on the board. Kathi and Jelloul are especially nice and very dedicated in dealing with children. Everything very flexible depending on the wind and waves - always suitable for our level. Equipment was also great. For us a great week with lovely teachers and great excursions in the beautiful surroundings and the very nice old town of Tarifa.


Kind of course: intensive course 12 hours


Level: when I started the course with Kathi I had some level already, I was a beginner who had practiced managing the kite on the beach, bodydragging, and some practice on the board but very little. After the course with Kathi I was able to properly bodydrag, recover the board, do successful waterstarts and managed to kite properly and in a controlled way both to the left and right. That was my goal and I have reached it thanks to Kathi!


Safety: safety stands really first for Kathi and Jelloul. I was a bit nervous in the beginning to go into the wavy and cold waters of Tarifa, because the last time I kited was in a warm lake in Brazil, so it was very different. But she took all the small fears away and made me feel really safe at every moment, with her clear instructions and her patience.


Equipment: the equipment they use is of great quality and in good condition and very important: very clean. Sometimes when you step into a wetsuit it smells a bit funny and you feel a bit disgusted because you know someone has wore it before you, but with Ocean Kite I didn’t have this feeling. Everything was clean, fresh and dry so I felt very comfortable. Also the helmets were nice and safe and have a radio attached to it, which you use to communicate with your instructor. It’s not always possible to hear them very well, but if it works well it’s a nice system and another way to make you feel more safe.


The instructors: Kathi and Jelloul are amazing, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, warm and open people. They have a very personalized approach and will adapt their classes and their style to you. I especially appreciate the fact that they spend a lot of time teaching you the proper techniques. It doesn't matter if it takes a bit longer, once you do something well (technically) you will never forget it.


I spent over 12 intense hours with Kathi in less than a week, and I loved every minute of it, literally. Even the tough moments when I was really frustrated, she was still managing me in the right way. I enjoyed her company and her way of teaching, very patient and strategical. She observes very well and knows how to adapt her instructions and next steps exactly to your needs and skills. She will push you to the limits, but this will make you feel good about yourself afterwards. She knows perfectly when enough is enough, but still challenges you at the same time. We went for dinner with Kathi and Jelloul after our last day of the course and that was very nice! Their approach is very personal.


Super plus: their assistant TILLY with her awesome dog MIMI!! Tilly is amazing and helps with everything during the class so that the instructor can focus on teaching. She is learning to become an instructor as well and she will be awesome!! And her dog Mimi is around her all the time, playing at the beach either with other dogs, with us or with stuff she finds at the beach. They’re the most adorable couple you can imagine and I miss them a lot!! They were a big part of this unforgettable experience. Will definitely be back soon with Ocean Kite!

Jeroen / michael

Hele goeie lessen met snelle progressie! Eigenaar jalleil en Katy zijn super aardig en erg behulpzaam! Kwaliteit en veiligheid zijn erg belangrijk en het materiaal is super! Goeie prijs kwaliteit verhouding! Kom hier zeker terug! Van niets kon ik na een aantal lessen redelijk kiten en kan ik zonder hulp verder oefenen!!

Greetz Jeroen / michael

Richard Dennison

I came to Ocean after a bad experience with another kite school. The difference was startling.
No obligation to pay until after the lesson...the other school had me pay for a course upfront.

Safety was the important factor...the other school had me in the water when conditions were dangerous for a person of my level. Unfortunately when you are a beginner you trust what you are told.

Ocean are there for you and it feels obvious from the start they care about home you are and how you learn. They are not there just for the money and by talking to them and meeting with them that is very apparent.