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Roland and Isa

We did three days kite school. It was perfectly organized. The equipment was like new.

We enjoyed time after kiting in waves beach bar a lot. Our guide Gino had after class always some good advices and interesting stories to tell.

All in all we are very happy with everything and We will definitely recommend Ocean Kite School to everyone.

Rating 10 of 10


First of all I would like to point out that Jelloul and Kathi are really caring and helpful people! They gave me a lot of advise about buying gear and prepping gear. I was kitesurfing on and off already for some years, but coming back to Tarifa for a couple of months now in summer season '18 it's really a blessing in the sky that I met this relaxed couple and their kite school. Jelloul told me perfectly which parts I had to improve, so I did and now the time has come to book another lesson to make it to the next level: jumping! I have all the trust and faith in both of them, because I saw them already many times teaching other (happy) people including myself so yeah if you are looking to learn kitesurfing in a safe and consistent way you should definitely book your lessons @ Ocean Kiteschool.




Before choosing this school, I looked into every other school in Tarifa. What I quickly found out was that a lot of independent and unregistered teachers unsafely offer lessons. if you eliminate those, you are left with only few schools, of which Tarifa Ocean Kite School is by far the best. Kathi and Jelloul demonstrated integrity, honesty, professionalism, safety, and very clear love for the sport. They adjust their learning to your pace and learning style. They have given me knowledge that will stay with me for life and that I can build on wherever I go next. On top of all this, the vibe they have created is extremely fun and inspiring. It is obvious that teaching is their passion.


I will 100% be back.


I cannot imagine a better kite school! They have a very high standard and new but especially clean equipment. Safety is always in first place. Learning progress is quick and the instructors very professional!


Already booked my next trip!

Jesse Schipper

After five kitesurf lessons in Cape Town at the beginning of 2018, I discovered two months later in Tarifa that I actually could not cope with the kitesurf conditions in Tarifa that well. Tarifa felt like a complete new dimension in the ocean, due to the diverse conditions; such as, weekly changing wind directions and waves up to 4 meters.
Even though the challenging conditions, Jelloul & Kathi taught me to kitesurf in all those conditions and even do a back-roll after two months of kitesurfing on my own and several lessons combined. The technique of Jelloul & Kathi is unique and easily educated to you through their audio headset. Jelloul pushes you to the limit, whereas Kathi fine-tunes your body position techniques. I would recommend Ocean Kite school to everyone I care about.

"Everything happens for a reason."


I first met Jelal before he started ocean kite school I had many teachers before in tarifa each teaching me different things but then Jelal started correcting my many mistakes and now I’m in a much better place. They even teaching my 13 year old daughter and 6 year old son .. keep up the good work guys