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Here we go with you in and around Tarifa kitesurfing

Tarifa and its surroundings offer numerous beaches, so-called "spots" to go kiting.

Our expertise in the knowledge of the area, as well as our detailed analysis of the wind direction and speed allow us to be privy to the best spots in the area which can differ each day.

If you would like, we can choose the best spot for you while taking into consideration your personal kiting level. We can then recommend the best spot or take you to there.

The Homespot of our school is the beach of Los Lances in front of the beachbar "WAVES". At this spot, we can teach you kiting in a variety of different wind conditions. This area offers a very wide sandy beach, with a lot of space for your kite training, and there are usually moderate waves. When the wind from the land out to the sea (Levante) is blowing, there are rescue boats outside who keep an eye on our students. In the event that you drift too far out to the sea, you can rest assured that we have radio communication with the boats and that they will take you back to the safety of our teacher and the beach.

Our homespot is suited for beginners as well as advanced kiters. There are ample parking possibilities and  nice beach bars with sunny and shady areas to relax.

The spot Valdevaqueres is 10 minutes away from Los Lances and shows also a very pobular kiting area. It is a nice spot for both beginners and advanced kitesurfers. The beach is a little bit narrow compared to our homespot. It does however, also offer good learning conditions, beach bars and parking possibilities. The west wind brings small waves on the beach. The dunes in the northwest of the spot give a lot of security while offshore because they enable you to drift to toward the dunes, not out to sea.

The spot in front of the Beach Club Gaia is very attractive during the high tide (flood) and west wind (Poniente). These conditions create a beach flooding in winter/autumn time. This spot is located directly next to the town and offers excellent training conditions.

Alternative spots

When strong wind blows from the east, Canos de Meca is an alternative spot. This is a spot for the really advanced kitesurfer, because at this spot you have to calculate both big and small waves. We recommend that you have prior knowledge before kiting here- for example, experience in moving upwind.  Canos de Meca is about 60 kilometers north-west of Tarifa.

In Conil, near Canos de Mecca, small lagoons offer good conditions for both beginners and advanced kiters.

The Spot Palmones is located near Algeciras, and is an alternative when we have strong east winds. It is a very small spot, but offers nice flat water in it's flooded areas.