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Jesse Schipper

After five kitesurf lessons in Cape Town at the beginning of 2018, I discovered two months later in Tarifa that I actually could not cope with the kitesurf conditions in Tarifa that well. Tarifa felt like a complete new dimension in the ocean, due to the diverse conditions; such as, weekly changing wind directions and waves up to 4 meters.
Even though the challenging conditions, Jelloul & Kathi taught me to kitesurf in all those conditions and even do a back-roll after two months of kitesurfing on my own and several lessons combined. The technique of Jelloul & Kathi is unique and easily educated to you through their audio headset. Jelloul pushes you to the limit, whereas Kathi fine-tunes your body position techniques. I would recommend Ocean Kite school to everyone I care about.

"Everything happens for a reason."


I first met Jelal before he started ocean kite school I had many teachers before in tarifa each teaching me different things but then Jelal started correcting my many mistakes and now I’m in a much better place. They even teaching my 13 year old daughter and 6 year old son .. keep up the good work guys


Kathi en Jelal zijn fantastische docenten. Geven les met diepte, snappen je vragen en leggen graag de gedachte erachter uit, in plaats van alleen de techniek voor te doen of ongeduldig te worden van je vragen of onbegrip - ze zijn echt bezig met jouw leerproces. Heel fijn.

Verder ook hele toffe mensen om een biertje mee te drinken na de les, trouwens!


I had the pleasure of spending the week having kite lessons with Kathi and Jelloul in the end of September and they are absolutely amazing!! I've had kite lessons in other countries in the past and by comparison, this school stands out strongly from the rest. Every lesson was pure fun and these guys are extremely passionate about kiting (and safety, which is sooo important!), their love for the sport really shines through during the lessons. And not to mention their friendliness and sense of humour!! I strongly recommend this school & I'm certain that I'll be coming back here again, even if it is just to rent equipment from them in the future!


I usually don't write reviews, but this place is so good that it leaves me no other choice. Jelloul and Kathi are fun, friendly, fair and extremely professional. I had lessons with Kathi and her tips were always exactly on point, she helped me improve immensely! Besides that the atmosphere is relaxed and funny, so you can learn without any stress. After the kiting lessons there is always time for a beer in the beach bar, so in no time you feel like you are part of a beautiful kitesurfing family. Can't recommend this school enough!


Had awesome two Days with the school!! Took private lessons with kathi which was a great decision! She picked me up right where my earlier classes stopped. She was super nice, amazingly pacient and motivating! Learned so much! Wish i would have Started with this school!